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Why Get A Monitored Alarm System In Minneapolis?

May 18, 2021
Vivint monitored security system

You may assume that getting a monitored home security system in Minneapolis is too much. After all, you keep the doors locked and placed a motion outside light directly above the garage door. You could even have a doorbell camera to watch over packages while you're out. Do you need additional security?

Then again, an emergency can arise. A monitored home alarm system in Minneapolis will help your family react faster to a multitude of situations. And by pairing your alarms and cameras to your smart home network, your home can even become more eco-friendly.

Need more proof? Take a look at five means a monitored alarm system in Minneapolis can help you stay safe and protected.

Your monitoring professionals can help streamline an emergency

An alarm will likely be troubling when they trip -- especially if they go off when you’re asleep. But if you installed a monitored alarm system, you only have to think about one thing: moving your loved ones to safety.

This is because your monitoring professional also responds to your activated detectors. Within a minute, they will call you to make sure everyone is secure and help evaluate the situation. Then, they will get emergency responders and get them to your home. They can even help guide you through your crisis if you need to know the next step.

Monitoring secures more than your home security system

Your Minneapolis monitored alarm system guards more than an break-in. Your security system might react to fire, carbon monoxide, or floods with the right components. By adding a monitored fire alarm or smoke detector, you can have emergency teams to respond whether you're home or out. Your monitoring professionals can even respond to health-related situations -- like chest pains or a sudden fall -- with a monitored medical accessory.

Emergency services reach you quicker with a monitored alarm system

A Vivint agent will answer any triggered alarm in a matter of seconds. They'll first contact you to be sure you're not harmed and then will organize emergency personnel on your behalf. This lightning-quick approach is far easier than contacting the authorities yourself after you gathered your loved ones and reached safety. Seconds matter in any emergency, and Vivint ensures you get help quickly!

Vivint mobile app monitoring

Monitoring keeps an eye on your home 24/7

Unfortunately, a blaring alarm bell doesn’t matter much when you’re away from home. However, your Vivint monitoring team remains on alert every hour of the day, every single week, all year long. They'll react to any trigger that you are unable to and will also keep you in-the-know every part of the process. It’s easier when you're at work and can rush home after getting a text notification, but it's essential when you're unavailable and can't quickly make it back to handle the situation.

A monitored alarm system in Minneapolis can make your home more energy efficient

The same monitored alarm system from Vivint also controls your automation equipment. Gadgets like smart lighting and thermostats can help your living space become significantly more energy-efficient. Also, smart gadgets can operate in tandem with your alarms to help with protecting your loved ones. For example, your smart door locks can seamlessly unlatch after the alarm activates so that emergency responders can access your house easier to help.

Vivint has the top-of-the-line monitored security systems in Minneapolis

A monitored alarm system in Minneapolis may help your house become protected and more responsive to emergency situations. And the first step in customizing your system is talking to a Vivint security expert. They’ll help you select the perfect sensors, cameras, and home automation solutions, all paired with highly-rated Vivint monitoring. Just call (612) 662-1765 or complete the form below to begin.