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The truth about home security signs in Minneapolis

July 17, 2023
Orange Vivint security sign in a front yard of a home

A home security sign is one of the initial things people will notice when approaching your house. But what part do they really play and will they have any impact on prospective thieves? Discover the truth about home security signs in Minneapolis and understand how you need to reinforce them with the appropriate defense.

Minneapolis home security signs send a valuable message

The truth is there is real value in showcasing a home security sign. It's a wake-up call to burglars and a clear warning that your home features a functional security system. It’s also a solid indication that your home is protected by 24-hour monitoring experts. Prowlers will not only have to worry about setting off an alarm, they’ll have to be aware that police officers could be there swiftly. In many cases, they’ll decide it doesn’t merit the hazard.

Your sign is only as good as the system that supports it

It’s important to understand that your home security sign in Minneapolis is most beneficial when it’s supported by a full-featured, state-of-the-art system. Modern systems are accessible from any location and will deliver prompt notifications through a handy mobile security app. You can also check video footage and speak with individuals at your front door right through your cell phone.

Here are several features you should consider including:

  • Outdoor surveillance and doorbell cameras with active deterrents: It’s true that simply the sight of outdoor surveillance can be enough to deter crime, but components with proactive prevention are even more effective. Select options with warnings that can be heard and seen. There are even video doorbells that provide the added perks of 2-way audio and modifiable zones to prevent false alarms.
  • Smart lights: Most trespassers won’t attempt a forcible entry if they think you’re there. You can put smart lights on a schedule and have them switch on at particular times to make your property look occupied. This is particularly smart when you’re away on a trip.
  • Smart locking systems: Not remembering to lock your front door is still among the most frequent mistakes homeowners make. Smart door locks will solve this concern as they can be set to lock automatically. You are also able to secure them from any location with your mobile app.

If you’re displaying a sign without any other kind of security, it’s just a vacant threat that won’t likely offer you or your family members much comfort or peace of mind. You’ll find yourself hopeful that the sign is sufficient to deter crime while you’re away. In the long run, it may not be, as seasoned thieves will recognize if you haven’t installed other types of security. It’s not justifiable of the hazard, particularly when you factor in the affordability of fully featured, contemporary systems.

Design your modern smart home in Minneapolis today

When you customize a Vivint smart home in Minneapolis, you’ll receive a home security sign and much more. By including our smart surveillance devices, lighting, locks, and detectors, you’ll benefit from the optimal protection possible. Dial (612) 662-1765 to consult with us today.